May 6th, 2013


On "first world problems"

Originally posted by sputnik_salute at On "first world problems"
I am exhausted by multiculturalism.

So now people who are capable of creating wealth and sustaining decent life quality are expected to feel bad for not living by the Third World's overpopulated shitholes' standards? Are white people supposed to feel collectively ashamed for not being dirt poor and hungry?

"We are terribly sorry for being responsible, neat, and rational! We are also remorseful for being concerned about our education, for not shitting where we eat, for not spreading HIV, and for not reproducing like mad rabbits. We are eternally sorry for thinking ahead!"

Pure Marxist bullshit! If somebody doesn't succeed in life, it's always somebody else's fault. It's never caused by lack of personal responsibility.

Yet the self-flagellating do-gooders are never publicly ashamed for being better-off than their poorly educated, single-parenting, alcohol-abusing, or chronically unemployable whites. When a white person somewhere in the West loses control of their life, they suddenly have no one else but themselves to blame.